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Oxycare is one of the leading air ambulances present in India which is considered to be the most economical ambulance that helps you to provide emergency services wherever the patients belong. All the air ambulance provided by Oxycare has been supervised by a professional doctor and are well equipped with other technicians and pharmacist that will help to take care of patients living with the help of supporting piece of equipment. So if you are looking for the best air ambulance in India then you must consider Oxycare for the same. They are known for delivering the patients from one hospital to another Hospital according to the need and requirements made by their relatives and family members.

How to avail the air ambulance services

  • Firstly to take our emergency ambulance services you need to call a number and you need to provide primary and useful information regarding the emergency of transferring the patient.
  • Now in the next step paramedical staff need to assess the medical condition of the patient by asking some questions and also on call they provide first aid advice to manage the patient accordingly till our rescue team will arrive there to help.
  • In the next step, our experienced doctor aur paramedical staff improve the mode of transportation for transferring the patients and also provide a lead to the emergency dispatch management unit.
  • Now our ground ambulance will arrive and provide on-site primary medical care and try to transfer or shift the patient to the nearest hospital so that it will be able to help to preserve the golden hour of the patient.
  • Now in the next step ground ambulance will be able to transfer the emergency seeker to the predetermined Helicopter Landing zone.
  • Now with the help of air ambulance services provided by Oxycare the patients will be brought to the nearest hospital for providing immediate care from the closest landing zone.
  • Now in the next time, you need to pay the cost of air Ambulance Service to the service provider according to per hour basis.

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Cardiac Ambulance is a full-service wellness & healthcare company providing round-the-clock ambulance services for emergency and nonemergency transport to hospitals and corporate.

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